Download VLC Media Player Terbaru Keren Untuk Android

Download VLC Media Player  Terbaru Keren Untuk Android - VLC Media Player for Android finally releases the first time for android, you can download it directly on this blog or the official website of Google Android Play Store. VLC Media Player is a media player application for playing music or vidio, VLC is very popular and widely used in computers because of features - its attractive and easy to use.
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Download VLC Media Player  Terbaru Keren Untuk Android - VLC Media Player Untuk Android akhirnya rilis pertama kali untuk android, kalian bisa mendownloadnya secara langsung di blog ini atau di situs resmi Google Play Store Android. VLC Media Player adalah sebuah aplikasi media player untuk memutar musik maupun vidio, VLC ini sangat popular di komputer dan banyak digunakan karena fitur - fiturnya yang menarik dan mudah digunakan.

Screenshoot VCL Media Player :

As it has already been mentioned earlier, it’s just a beta version, so there are many issues with this version of VLC Media Player for Android. I have already tested it, and will now conclude that it often gets closed up while playing large video files although the audio files are seemed to be played up nicely. Apart from that, it takes some significant time to load all the videos in the media library as well as provides slow playback for HD videos. As for now, it is only supported on the devices with ARMv7 CPU having support for NEON. So, if your device does not meet this primary requirement, then I won’t recommend you to install it on your device. If you are an experienced Android user, then you can download it right now for free from the Mediafire and Google Play App Store via the link provided below :

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